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About Us

Welcome to! Bud Research is a fresh new international company with the sole objective of supplying the best horticultural preparation tools on the market.

While Bud Research is a relatively new establishment, its founders have been working in the industry for decades. Owning multiple hydroponics supply shops and commercial greenhouses, you can be assured that our products are scrutinized and chosen for their unique attributes.

Our vision as a company is to supply you, the consumer - the hobbyist grower - the commercial supplier - the store owner, with proven products that will revolutionize your growing operations - however modest.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing and sourcing the highest quality items available; and providing them at competitive prices.

From organic pesticides and nutrients developed in our in-house laboratories, to our ultra-efficient trimming machines, our products will ensure that your crops remain healthy and that your harvest times are drastically reduced.

All of our products have the potential for use with industrial/commercial applications but the simplicity of operation for any hobbyist cultivator. You can rest assured that we will be there to help you along the path to cultivation success.

To get started, please view our Catalog to browse our product line.
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