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ALL MESH Bubble Bag Ice Water Extraction Kit (3 BAG / 5 GALLON) Send To A Friend
ALL MESH Bubble Bag Ice Water Extraction Kit (3 BAG / 5 GALLON)
ALL MESH Bubble Bag Ice Water Extraction Kit (3 BAG / 5 GALLON): Figure 1

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Optional Upgrades
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SEEDFEM Concentrate (+$29.95)
BudTrim Portable Trimmer (+$99.95)
Bud Trim Precision Pruners (+$9.95)
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Do all your mixing directly in a five gallon bucket*! Then, pour the ice/water/trimmings slurry mix into another five gallon bucket that has the mesh filters in it. These ALL MESH bags are guaranteed by far to be faster and more efficient than regular extraction bubble bags. *5 gallon bucket not included.

Watch this full step-by-step product review and breakdown of the Bud Bubbler Extraction Kit!*

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All Mesh Bubble Bags versus Regular Bubble Bags

With a little help from your friends at, you too can extract essential oils and crystals from unwanted plant matter and trimmings!

You can now manufacture extremely potent, refined, and PURE herbal extract in the comfort of your own home. You don't need ANY strong chemicals or binding agents that could possibly contaminate your final product - all you need is ICE and WATER!

Our 3 Bag / 5 Gallon kits are specifically designed to streamline the process, making it as simple as possible. Even the least skilled extractor can produce the maximal amount of product using this patented system.

Our ALL MESH monofilament filter bags are sourced straight from the top manufacturers in Germany (NOT China).

The triple-stitched synthetic filter-screen fabric is heat pressed to eliminate fibre stretching and moving. The bags' micro-holes will always remain the same shape and size - allowing for consistent results, time and time again.

The bags themselves are carefully constructed using laboratory-grade nylon material. All components of the bag are 100% waterproof and contain no flaking PVC coating (like many other low-quality kits out there).

This 3 Bag / 5 Gallon kit will last for hundreds of uses.
  • This 3-Bag / 5-Gallon Kit will allow you to refine your plant extract into four different sizes depending on your preference.
  • Different plant strains have varying crystal sizes - this 3 bag kit allows you choose which grade of crystal!
  • 100% WATERPROOF, PVC-FREE Laboratory-grade Nylon Fabric (No Flaking After Multiple Uses).
  • Bags clearly labelled with micron count and color.
  • Flexible waterproof cord included inside each bag with triple-stitched seams for added strength.
  • 3 FREE cord locks included to lock each bag securely on to a bucket.
  • Highest-quality monofilament filter-screens direct from Germany
  • This 3 Bag / 5 Gallon kit will last for hundreds of uses.

Customer Reviews Average Rating: 5 STARS Write Your Review!

Good set of bags
It is what it is, all mesh as opposed to just mesh at the bottom. Obviously works better, faster, arainage is much faster and more efficient. Color coded labels are a nice touch. Good product I recommend it!

All mesh is the way to go.
Product works perfectly as described. Saves you boatloads of time. Highly recommended for those processing large volumes of pant material and want to cut the time in half. Will order again, thanks.
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