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UBIE Portable Glass Smokeless Herbal Vaporizer
UBIE Portable Glass Smokeless Herbal Vaporizer: Figure 1

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The UBIE, (pronounced "ooo-bee") is the world's smallest portable smokeless glass vaporizer. The UBIE uses hot air from a lighter or candle to rapidly release organic aromas from herbal material located inside the glass chamber. The UBIE automatically controls temperature to remove flavors WITHOUT burning. The result is superior aroma and flavor (without harsh woody smoke and carcinogens)!

UBIE Herbal Smokeless Portable Vaporizer Diagram

How to operate the UBIE:
  • Remove the mouthpiece from the glass chamber.
  • Place a tiny amount of finely chopped tobacco or herbal material inside the glass chamber.
  • Place the mouthpiece back into the chamber.
  • Hold the tube vertically and tap the it gently to gather the tobacco toward the mouthpiece.
  • Hold a standard butane lighter flame about 2cm - 5cm below the tip when drawing the flavor/aroma of the tobacco.
  • After the tobacco becomes exhausted, it is easily tapped (with a fingernail) to fall out of the glass chamber cylinder while it's still warm.
  • Remember, the glass gets hot for a minute, so hold the UBIE by the cool end.

Why is the UBIE the best vaporizers out there?

  • Works with a lighter.
  • Heats instantly.
  • It's portable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Provides rich excellent flavor.
  • Made of precision crafted Pyrex glass.
  • Other vaporizers still need cleaning eventually.
  • The similar products are ALL knockoffs of our amazing patented flame-through technology.

Other products like the UBIE: There are many vaporizers on the market. The UBIE is a true convection vaporizer and it's portable. The UBIE's high efficiency and rich vapor make it a favorite. How long does the UBIE last? The UBIE can be reused indefinitely as long as it is cleaned regularly and not dropped on a hard surface. Is the UBIE safer than smoking? The UBIE is believed to be 95% less damaging than "smoking". Reports also say that it eliminates smokers cough. Studies of non combustion smoking show 95% lower toxicity and approximately 98% reduction in second hand smoke. Yet there is no guarantee smoking will be completely "safe" even if combustion byproducts are eliminated.

Customer Reviews Average Rating: 5 STARS Write Your Review!

It's a good cheap device to determine whether you like vaporizing or not.
It could keep one from spending hundreds of dollars to find they don't like vaping. Believe it or not at one time I hated the flavor of vaped bud and loved the taste of smoked bud. now it's the opposite. i've vaped for so long all smoked bud tastes exactly like charcoal. no mattter the strain or how it's grown. It makes getting medicated on the road hard until i found the vaporgenie. But the Ubie was my first ever handheld vape. I still have

pretty good
They work pretty good and you can watch the product as you're heating it to get the heat right. Just a very simple vaporizer. I actually made a couple myself out of test tubes.

it will satisfy your need for vaping
Try to not touch the flame to the ubie as it will soot up the outside and you either wipe it off or end up with black fingers. I've owned this product for a while. I bought it years ago and forgot I even had it. I recently came across it and decided to try it again. While I found a way to make it's not how the directions say to use it. I found that by moving the flame back under the herb and heating the herb directly through the glass gave me better results.
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