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Grow More Bio-Cozyme (1 Quart): Figure 1

Bio-stimulant, the original zyme formula -- a cutting edge fermentation extraction product that enhances a plant's ability to absorb and utilize nutrients by augmenting the enzyme function in the plant. Increases the synthesis of chlorophyll, stimulates cell division and lowers the activation energy required for reaction / completion at the cellular level by providing a source of efficient election bridges. Bottom line: bigger yields from plants.

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Application Guidelines:

For soil applications, mix 1 fluid ounce per gallon of water. Apply to ornamental landscapes up to 4 times per year. For edible and fruiting plants apply up to 4 times during growth cycle but for best results no later than 30 days before harvest. For hydroponics and/or continuous fertigation at 1:100 injection ratio use 1 fluid ounce per gallon capacity of supply tank.
Major Nutrients (% by weight): 
  • Nitrogen 2.0%, Phosphate 2.0%, Potash 2.0%
  • Nitrogen components: Ammoniacal 2.0%, Nitrate 0.0%, Urea 0.0%, Organo-Protein 0.0%

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