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BudNurse 100% Organic Herbal Pesticide Concentrate (1.1 L - 23 L) Send To A Friend
BudNurse 100% Organic Herbal Pesticide Concentrate (1.1 L - 23 L)
BudNurse 100% Organic Herbal Pesticide Concentrate (1.1 L - 23 L): Figure 1

BudNurse 100% Organic Herbal Pesticide Concentrate (1.1 L - 23 L)
BudNurse 100% Organic Herbal Pesticide Concentrate (1.1 L - 23 L)

BudNurse 100% Organic Herbal Pesticide Concentrate (1.1 L - 23 L)

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Optional Upgrades

Optional Upgrades
Multiflow (24 oz) Spray Bottle (+$6.95)
Bud Trim Precision Pruner (+$9.95)
Bud Trim Shaping Shears (+$14.95)
KEVLAR Cut Resistant Gloves (+$14.95)

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This concentrate makes SIX GALLONS of spray. At this retail price, the PER LITER cost averages out to be only $5.65!

Insects, diseases, fungi, viruses and bacteria are among the most persistent problems that may harm your plants throughout all stages of the growing process - from vegetative development to drying and curing your final product. BUDNURSE is your crop's best offense and defense against these intruders. Pathogens and molds that go undetected can remain on your plant products and pose serious health risks to whomever consumes them. BUDNURSE is the proven scientific solution. Without introducing any synthetic chemicals or irritants to your operation, BUDNURSE employs 100% organic ingredients to successfully kill off and repel those pests most destructive to your cash crops.

Optional Upgrades

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Black Fungus Gnats
Black Fungus Gnats were growing in my soil grow. Every time I sprayed the top of the soil with the Bud Nurse, it would kill the gnats on contact, no doubt, little dead bugs everywhere! But, they kept coming back. I asked the guy at my local hydro supply store what the deal was and he said that the gnats kept coming back because the larva beneath the surface of the soil weren't being affected by the spray on the top of the soil. The problem with the fungus gnat isn't the fungus gnat, it's the larva! The gnat larva actually eat the little white hair on the root system, not good! So, Mr. Hydro Store guy told me to cut the Bud Nurse strength and soak the soil in order to kill the larva. So, I mixed a solution of Bud Nurse and cut it by 10. So, I mixed up the solution at 4.5ml to 1 Liter of water and gave my plants a soaking drink. One time administering the Budnurse, and it killed all those little suckers right away! This stuff works fantastic! Your product is amazing and is a Jack of All Trades. Works for everything. Tell people about its usefulness on fungus gnat larvae, Bud Nurse will save their crops. Saved mine a couple times now. THANK YOU.

Not just a Nurse, she's also an Angel!!!!!!
I had the nastiest infestation of spider mites that's probably ever invaded anybody's grow room. Anybody that's been in that position knows that sick to your stomach feeling when you see those little moving terrorists moving across your babies in the garden. From experience, I know to hit the mites HARD when they first show their ugly little heads! Being that all my clients depend on me to grow them all natural and healthy crops each season, I'll do whatever it takes to keep their trust by using ONLY natural pesticides. My local hydroponics grow store owner is a good friend of mine and he turned me on to your Budnurse product. He gave me the sales pitch about how it's all natural and safe for pets and kids, etc. The most important thing he finished the speech about was about how well it works. I brought the Budnurse right home and gave it a try. This stuff is incredibly potent and didn't stress my plants one bit. It knocked those little suckers dead right away and it make my grow show smell really good to boot! Your product is certainly pricey, but I have to say that it not only works, but it works really really well! I'm sure that this bottle will last me a long time, but if I ever need my own personal army again to fight off the pest invaders, I'll be back to buy some more BudNurse from you. Feel free to use my testimony and THANK YOU so much for selling this product. This Bud's for you!
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