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Botany Science Controller Module (Build Your Own System!) Send To A Friend
Botany Science Controller Module (Build Your Own System!)
Botany Science Controller Module (Build Your Own System!): Figure 1

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This controller gives you the flexibility to select the control container and watering levels that YOU want for your ebb and flow hydroponics system.  Just follow the instructions to mount the float switches in a bucket you select, plug each float switch into the controller using the color-coded connectors, mount the controller on the wall, plug your pumps into the controller and plug the controller into a household outlet. 

Set the timer to the current time and depress the tabs for each 15-minute watering cycle you want.  The controller will flood your container from a reservoir until it reaches the high level you set during assembly.  When the 15 minutes is up (or longer if you select multiple tabs), the controller will empty your control container back into your reservoir.

Does not include reservoir, planters, pumps, control container, fittings, tubing to connect planters to your control container, etc.  Customize all of these elements as you desire.  Our controller is a ready-to-use brain for your system.  Use it to fill and drain any container at set times of the day.

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