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Hard Cider Alcohol Home Brewing Kit
Hard Cider Alcohol Home Brewing Kit: Figure 1

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Make an Additional Half Gallon
(Includes Booster/Balloon/Yeast)
Make an Additional 2-Gallons
(Includes Booster/Balloons/Yeast)
Make an Additional 5-Gallons
(Includes Booster/Balloons/Yeast)

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Brewing hard cider from apple juice or sweet cider is a simple process, and the inebriating end product is as delicious as it is  discombobulating.

Make it in 5 minutes, fully brewed in 2 weeks!


Now it's so easy to make the best tasting hard cider right in your very own home!  Watch out for the kick!

Your HARD CIDER Brewing Kit Includes:

  • BOOSTER (Minerals and Complex Sugars)
    • This serves as food for the high octaneYeast
  • YEAST (High Octane)
  • BALLOON (Air Lock)
  • BREW DVD (Step-By-Step Instructions)
  • CLEANER (Optional - Used to Clean Your Brewing Vessel/Pot)
    • Not needed if using the store-bought juice bottle.

Choosing Your Juice

The best hard cider is made from sweet apple cider fresh from the cider press - whether your own, or a local cider mill's. You can also use 100% fresh apple juice. If you're buying sweet cider or apple juice, start by checking the label to be sure the cider doesn't contain chemical preservatives, because these will kill your yeast and your cider will not ferment. (The cider is chemically preserved if sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate are listed on the label.) Your best bet for preservative-free cider is to buy it in season from a local orchard. In a pinch, you can also make hard cider with grocery store apple juice, as long as it doesn't have preservatives.

Also, be aware that most commercial cidermakers are required to pasteurize their cider, and the process they use will affect the flavor. Preferably, your sweet cider should be cold pasteurized, which kills microorganisms with ultraviolet light. The usual method of pasteurization kills microorganisms with heat, which affects the flavor of the juice. If you're not sure which method a local cider mill uses, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Legal Disclaimer

Home brewing of ciders, beer and wine is legal in the United States, and you are allowed to brew up to 100 gallons a year per person in your household over the age of 21, up to 200 gallons. State laws may vary, and in some states home brewing is illegal.

You are not allowed to sell anything you brew at home. Home brewing is not distilling, (moonshining), which is most definitely illegal, and a Federal Offense. This information is intended for those of legal age to consume alcohol.

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Excellent flavor
I received this as a birthday present and loved it! Excellent flavor to this stuff. So cool that you can make this stuff at home. If I can create this brew then anybody can. There are 5 gallons of hard cider getting ready for my Christmas party!
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