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OverGrow Nutrients PART B Formula (1 GAL - 3.8 L): Figure 1

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OverGrow PART B is designed to give your starter plants a nutrient-rich advantage. Combined with OverGrow PART A, you will observe with amazement as you document considerable growth each day of your vegetative phase.


Shake OverGrow PART A and OverGrow PART B well. Add equal parts of both PART A and PART B to your water throughout the entire vegetative and bloom cycle. Change the water in your reservoir weekly.

The suggested serving for PART A and PART B are: During week one, add 1.25ml per Liter or 5ml per Gallon of each part. During week two and all the following weeks of both the vegetative and bloom phases, add 2.5ml per Liter or 10.0ml per Gallon of each part.

Follow our suggested feeding chart on the back of this container for amazing results with your high-value crops.

OverGrow Feeding Chart

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OGN Part A and Part B
I run very intricate sprayer systems at my grows and this Over Grow nutrient is so sweet for keeping my equipment clean!!! Cleanest I've ever seen of any nutrient line. More than a few nutes have passed through my doors and I for sure would recommend this stuff. It does what it says it will do and it's so damn CLEAN!!! BUY THESE NUTES FELLOW GROWERS. They work excellent.
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