10 Steps to Taking Care of Yourself and Others During COVID-19

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Paul Austin · March 19th, 2020
The following information comes directly from Dr. Dan Engle, a board-certified psychiatrist and neurologist who teaches that the true goal of medicine is to facilitate the innate healing of the body and mind, supporting each one of us in our process of becoming whole, happy, and free. 
As we are taking these precautions ourselves, we wanted to share Dr. Dan’s insights and recommendations with Sporestore tribe about how to stay healthy as well as what to do should you personally be affected.
Dr. Dan Engle, board-certified psychiatrist and neurologist10 Steps to Taking Care of Yourself and Others During COVID-19
Get educated:  do your homework, get the facts and make decisions that feel right.a.  Notably – These decisions may not be easy or convenient. 
Stay calm and be easy with yourself and others.a. Stress is the #1 cause of disease and weakened immunity. 
Wash your hands regularly.  And use a hand sanitizer when you can’t wash.a. Wash your entire hands in warm water and soap for 20 seconds minimum. 
Social Distancing works.  But SOCIAL ISOLATION does not.a. Viral outbreaks are spread through close contact.b. Practice staying 6 feet apart and ask before any physical contactc. Also be OK saying “no” and OK if someone else says “no” tood. We are social beings and staying connected helpse. Virtual platforms and Face Times are great 
Take the Time:  Practice the Art of Slowing Down and Simplicitya. This is a great time to learn and grow instead of fear and contractb. The lack of travel and running around may be a blessing in disguisec. Catch up on all the outstanding “To Dos”d. Pick up a hobby, book, art or other skill you’ve wanted to learn 
Get Hot:  Take a sauna or hot baths and get your bare skin in the sunshinea. Viruses do not replicate as easily in heat.  For every degree your temperature rises, the more cellular mechanisms are kicked in action to hunt down the infection and knock it out. 
Eat Smart and Sleep Deep:a. Eat Smart – eat light and clean  i. Too much food and too late at night disrupts deep sleep  ii. Get off the sugar – it severely suppresses the immune systemb. Sleep Deep – this is the best way to recharge your immune system  i. Best is cool room, totally dark, no screen time 2 hours prior to bed 
Move:  dance, play, walk in nature, run, bike ride…  it’s vital to staying vibrant.a. Exercise Wisely – overtaxing your body too much can also weaken immunity 
Extra Immune Boosters:a. Herbs:  Cat’s Claw, Licorice, Clove, Elderberry, and Olive Leafb. Foods:  My favorite daily cocktail    i. Garlic, Ginger, Lemon Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne, and Raw Honeyc. General Supplements to consider:  Iodine, Colloidal Silver, Zinc and Vitamins C, D, A and E 
KEEP LIVING.  Stay optimistic.  Stay creative. Stay strong in spirit.  Stay humble. Our best teachers come as our greatest challenges.  Lead by example. Don’t panic. Breathe. Be smart. And above all Stay Loving to EVERYONE.  This too shall pass. 
The following list is not exclusive.  There are other immune boosters out there to be sure.  I am a doctor, but I’m not your doctor so you have to do your due diligence and research, get educated and make a decision that feels right for you.  I have used this protocol and it has significantly supported me in times past.  
This is a summation of recommendations by a host of highly informed colleagues including Ben Greenfield, Matt Cook, Steve Wright, Gabriel Cousens, Craig Koniver and many others.
Now that we’ve gone through the basic Top 10 Strategies, here is the Stacked Immunity Protocol.  This is for the onset of symptoms. For maintenance or prophylaxis during widespread outbreak – of which we are collectively in right now – take approximately half of the dosage.  And the safe duration for an adult on this protocol is 7-10 days.
Listen to our podcast episode with Marcela Ot’alora talking about What Quarantine and Psychedelics Share in Common or Click here to read the transcript

Once you see an onset of symptoms (this is per day):
*Disclaimer – none of what is shared here is intended to prevent or treat COVID-19 or any other specific disease or diagnosis. This is just information for supporting the immune system. DO NOT USE THIS INFO FOR CHILDREN.
And please check with your own doctor if you have ANY preexisting conditions, especially liver or renal.

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