Sovereignty Tea: Where Eastern Plant Medicines and Natural Cannabinoids Meet

Sporestore is popping. Beyond our weekly podcast, the upcoming rollout of our next Microdosing Experience, and our recent contest, we just hired some new team members and are making strides towards our vision of helping to foster a responsible Sporestore of psychedelic use. All that excitement means I have a hard time winding down at … Read more

Four Things to Consider When Choosing an Integration Specialist

Learn More About Psilocybin Mushroom Spores People serious about using psychedelics to heal are coming to understand that once the psychedelic journey ends, the real work begins. To embed the lessons learned from non-ordinary states of consciousness into ordinary life, psychedelic integration is key. This integration process may unfold in any number of ways. For … Read more

Psychedelics, Shadows, and Spiritual Bypassing

Learn More About Psilocybin Mushroom Spores Personal Development Samuel Douglas · December 7th, 2020 When you’re new to psychedelics, terms like “shadow work” or “spiritual bypassing” can be daunting. If this is you, don’t panic! Despite how mysterious and occult they sound, these concepts are vital parts of psychedelic integration and personal growth. Far from … Read more