Sovereignty Tea: Where Eastern Plant Medicines and Natural Cannabinoids Meet

Sporestore is popping. Beyond our weekly podcast, the upcoming rollout of our next Microdosing Experience, and our recent contest, we just hired some new team members and are making strides towards our vision of helping to foster a responsible Sporestore of psychedelic use.
All that excitement means I have a hard time winding down at night. To get to sleep, I’ve tried it all: cannabis, dissolvable magnesium, and some crazy-cool blue light blocking sunglasses. Not to mention, the acupressure shakti mat, with tiny spikes driving into my back, like a yogi on a bed of nails.
And I’ve cycled through 12 to 15 different supplements. But one of our new product partners has—by far—the best supplement I’ve ever used for sleep.

A Deep Night’s Sleep
Dream tea comes from a just-developed company out of Austin. Sovereignty teas are blends of ayurvedic-inspired adaptogens that are Eastern medicine’s most ancient and Western science’s most proven. Plus, they’re packed with non-psychoactive ingredients from my old ally: cannabis. CBG and CBN in the Dream tea promise homeostasis and calm, while their Sleep Terpene Formula is rich in linalool, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene—all calming components of cannabis.
Dream zonks me in the best way. I know because at night I wear a ring called an Oura. It tracks my heart rate variability and respiratory rate to determine sleep quality. On the nights I drink Dream, my REM and deep sleep increase anywhere from 10% to 15%. It’s that effective and that immediate.
Two-thirds of Americans struggle with sleep. Sovereignty tested the Dream supplement on hundreds of people wearing Oura rings and found 76% improved sleep in some capacity.

The Zen Jet Fuel
My Dream tea reorients my body toward its natural flourishing. But on mornings when my brain still feels like sand, I turn to smooth natural solutions like Magic Mind. And I mix up Sovereignty’s Purpose+ blend. Purpose+ is the reverse of Dream: the finest, most natural energizing blend on Earth. What they call zen jet fuel.
Purpose+ can feel like microdosing LSD or mushrooms. It has that mood-boosting, euphoric energy that is super clean, beautiful, natural. I felt more social, willing to be open and connect. I hadn’t experienced that with another supplement.
Purpose+ includes both coffee bean and green tea extracts, as well as a super-modern slow-release caffeine called ZumXR, so my day’s energy lifted off slowly and sustainably, like a startup venture on a “long runway”. No afternoon crash.
I’m not the only one who loves Sovereignty. On the Aubrey Marcus podcast, MMA athlete Kyle Kingsbury calls Purpose+ one of the greatest supplements he’s taken in his entire life.
Getting Unstuck
A recent Sporestore podcast I hosted with Dr. Nisha Khanna, MD, a board-certified physician and ayurvedic expert, broke down what Sovereignty does in a way I really liked:
“The biggest issue in health is that we feel blocked, we feel incapacitated. We might start off with not feeling good enough, not having enough self-worth or confidence. In time, that feeling can become paralytic.
“When I think of Sovereignty, it’s a reclaiming of your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health, so you can be fully aligned and open and empowered to pursue your joy, share your bliss, and really put your gifts out there.
“The Purpose formula sends me into that state where I just spontaneously want to sing and create and feel all-powerful and all-loving.”
Her description of Purpose+ aligns with what I love about psychedelics: the ability to choose, feel free, create, and have sovereignty over our own creations.
Sovereignty treats its tea like a psychedelic ceremony: the Purpose+ package urges you to set an intention for your day before drinking. And, like ayahuasca, you’re supposed to slug Purpose+ down in five minutes for full effect. Purpose’s frothy, dark, sweet flavor, thankfully, tastes infinitely better than ayahuasca.
If you want to add Sovereignty into your life, visit and use promo code THIRDWAVE at checkout. We’ve arranged for a sweet 25% discount for the Sporestore community.
A balance between rest and energy is health. Nature set us up well—to wake and sleep with the rhythms of the sun, like animals do. But nowadays, our batteries feel like they’ve been installed backward. Screens and stress rev us up till midnight. Lack of sleep leaves us groggy at dawn.
I’m hopeful Sovereignty will address for you in a natural way that super-modern desire: drowsiness when you want drowsiness, energy when you want energy, to return to that state of Nature we all come from and richly deserve to return to.

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